Monday, February 27, 2012

And The Winner Is...

I am thrilled to announce that the WDCC 20th Anniversary Sculpture, "It All Started With A Field Mouse" has won the Duckman's online poll for

Thanks to everyone who voted and
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Monday, February 20, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Original Clay WDCC 20th Anniversary Mickey Pictures.

Here are some turn around pictures of the WDCC 20th Anniversary sculpture, "It All Started With A Field Mouse", in it's original clay form.  The pictures were taken prior to cleaning up the sculpture so you'll notice some tooling marks.  The "Field Mouse" was a combination of polymer clay and an oil based/wax clay called "Monster Clay"...YES, it's called MONSTER CLAY!  LOL.  Once the piece was approved by WDCC Art Director, Dave Pacheco, I then finished the sculpture by cleaning it up and baking it in my kitchen oven.  After the piece is baked I hand it over to our very talented mold maker, Doug Hild, and my part in the production of the figurine is done.

Final production piece of the WDCC 20th Anniversary sculpture,
"It All Started With A Field Mouse".  

All images ©DISNEY & ©Patrick Simmons

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Presenting The "Silver-Tongued Scoundrel" Captain Hook.

Take one evil pirate, combine with a conniving personality, throw in one hook, mix well and you get...
"Silver-Tongued Scoundrel" now available at a Walt Disney Classics Collection dealer near you.

Presenting The WDCC 20th Anniversary Sculpture, "It All Started With A Field Mouse".

I was & am so excited and honored to have been selected to sculpt this Mickey & Field Mouse piece in celebration of the Walt Disney Classics Collection's 20th Anniversary.
The original WDCC Field Mouse sculpture
entitled, "Little April Showers" from
1992.  ©DISNEY
The sculpture portrays that infamous mouse lovingly admiring a miniature replica of the very first figurine produced for the the WDCC, the much sought after "Little April Showers" Field Mouse sculpture. 
When I first saw the concept, I knew the loyal WDCC collectors were going to be absolutely thrilled. Each WDCC sculpture is a team effort with many people involved in the creative process, and I couldn't be prouder of the special piece we've all created. Peace.

"It All Started With A Field Mouse" 20th Anniversary Walt Disney Classics Collection sculpture.  Available Spring 2012.