Monday, February 20, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Original Clay WDCC 20th Anniversary Mickey Pictures.

Here are some turn around pictures of the WDCC 20th Anniversary sculpture, "It All Started With A Field Mouse", in it's original clay form.  The pictures were taken prior to cleaning up the sculpture so you'll notice some tooling marks.  The "Field Mouse" was a combination of polymer clay and an oil based/wax clay called "Monster Clay"...YES, it's called MONSTER CLAY!  LOL.  Once the piece was approved by WDCC Art Director, Dave Pacheco, I then finished the sculpture by cleaning it up and baking it in my kitchen oven.  After the piece is baked I hand it over to our very talented mold maker, Doug Hild, and my part in the production of the figurine is done.

Final production piece of the WDCC 20th Anniversary sculpture,
"It All Started With A Field Mouse".  

All images ©DISNEY & ©Patrick Simmons


  1. God bless you, and your talents you make being part of the classics a personal experience, of aww, wonder, and wow!
    I hope to meet you at the Gallery of the lakes, in Rock Hill, NY

    A member, a fan, and collecter of the WDCC, Roberto Morales

  2. Thank you so much for creating this blog!
    I appreciate a lot your artistry.
    These are great pics! Thank you for sharing them with us.

    This piece is my favourite of the Spring releases.
    I like a lot your work in Grand Jester Studios busts (the Genie is marvelous).

    This blog has been added to my links list on my blog.
    Hope to see more publications from you :-) .

    Alex, french Disney fan and collector.

  3. Is it for sale without being painted?